Heads of the Dragon

Temple Run

The day ended as it had begun, in one of the many taverns that populated Candle Keep for those weary travellers on their quests for knowledge.

Balaren stretched his legs out under the table and listened to the soft snore of Kairon who was face down on the table still clutching his empty tankard.

The party had started the day by following the lead that Drake had brought them and so had end up in a temple devoted to the major deities of Faerun.

They had found Ivan a elderly priest of the Raven Queen, who when challenged summoned two Spectres before vanishing.

Corin stepped forward unafraid of the ghostly apparitions and closed his eyes forming his spell in his mind before stretching his arm outwards towards his enemies and conjuring a field of spikes hoping to slow their ethereal movement.

Muttering under his breath Drake drew his rapier and dagger before stepping back to cover Balaren who was still dazed from the blast from Ivan. Thinking quickly Adron blasted the first Spectre with four magical Missiles the innate magic guided them into the selected target.

The spectre howled but continued on his approach gliding over the flagged stone surface and leaving a icy cold trail behind.

Reaching its intended victim it lashed out toward Kairon who managed to duck under its withered claws.

On the opposite side the other spectre had made it towards Drake who was not as fortunate, the spectre grasped hold of Drakes armour and started to feed off his life force. Coming to Balaren staggered forwards and past the locked figures of Drake and the Spectre. Bringing his hands together Balaren brought forth a torrent of flames engulfing the ethereal. Its high pitched scream echoed in the silence of the temple.

Using this opportunity Drake drove his rapier up and forward to where the creatures heart would of been. What ever had bound this poor soul to this realm broke and its form dissipated like morning mist on a summers day.

Hoshi who had followed the group burst through the door, taking a moment to take stock he dove into the fray. His holy symbol of TORM glowed with divine energy, Hoshi directed this towards Drake restoring some of his drained life force. The last spectre unleashed another wail before heading to Drake, almost like something or one had directed it to attack the one who had dispatched its partner.

Kairon using his warlock knowledge deals a deathly blow to the creature just before three darts whistle past and impact the spectre`s wavering form. Adorns magic getting the telling blow

Investigating the deserted temple the group find a secret entrance that lead downwards.

Balaren taking the time to cast alarm on the main doors just encase Ivan tried to escape via that route then goes and joins the others as they explore.

The vault was old the large wooden doors showed time had passed the wood was rotten and the hinges rusted and resisted Drakes efforts to open. Hoshi slinging his shield on to his back presses his should to the door which swings open surprising easily. This act took Drake by surprise and he crashes to the floor.

The next room appeared to be much like the many research rooms in the main keep. Books lined the walls and a raised dais occupied the back of the hall. Both Adron and Balaren make their way to investigate the many tomes while Drake searches for anything of worth.

Bored of waiting Kairon approached one of two doors testing it he finds it is locked and not waiting to speak to Drake, he blasts it from its hinges and proceeds down the dark corridor.

Hearing the blast and then noticing Kairon's missing form, Hoshi goes to investigate. Time passes and no sign of the either Hoshi or Kairon, Balaren and Adron go to find them. But not before Adron sets the book case on fire after discovering the foul necromantic knowledge contained within.

Kairon, Hoshi, Drake and Adron all enter the room which was at the end of the corridor only to be confronted by a low level fog out of this fog hands could just be seen. As they moved further into the room these hands grasp at their ankles trying to hold them in place.

Noticing a book on a plinth at the back of the room Adron tries to pick it up using Mage Hand. Suddenly the gnarled book flips open on its on accord, and a booming voice fills the room. "So a Stormwind has come again, thinking to challenge me?" the voice laughs a deep guttural laugh "I'll make you a deal Stormwind, a life for a life. Leave one of your pathetic friends here and I will let you live. If not die like your grandfather before you"

With that the book rises of the plinth and pages swirl out of it forming a large bestial form made out of paper. The book fiend tilts its head back and unleashes a roar, Adron, Drake and Hoshi feel their resolve weaken and the sense of fear creep into their hearts.

Balaren following the others into the room witnesses this monstrosity but his Elven nature allows him to shrug off its effect. One of the hands reach up and grabs his ankle locking I'm into place. Using a desperate gamble he conjures the burning hands looking to burn what ever assailed them below the mists away. He is greeted a popping sound and the smell of burnt flesh the hand holding his ankle retreats.

The fiend first turns to Hoshi and beats the Paladins shield aside before raking its claws across his armour, feeling the effects of Balarens attack the beast steps slightly back and hunches a fine black mist wisps out and strikes Kairon and Adron both hit the floor their eyes rolled into the back of their heads, for a brief moment those gathered see a spectral form of their two friends stand locked in a silent shout of pain.

Balaren and Drake working together manage to stabilize Kairon, with Drake's knowledge of everyone's items coming to the fore by finding Kairon's healing potion and pouring it down the Tieflings throat.

Hoshi's symbol blazed again as he summoned Adron's wounds to heal.

Working together the party manage to defeat the fiend but its parting words leave more questions. Escaping the burning crypt the group find themselves back at the tavern where the day all began….

CSI Candle Keep

With the iron stench of blood flooding their noses, our company find the body of Sena. Closing off the area, they begin to investigate the murder scene. With Adron and Bal looking around the study, Kairon and Corin go off to check the sign in book. Finding the name of a half orc called Grarock, the last know person to see Sena alive, the two of them set off to find him with Leosim. Adron and Bal keep searching and find links to the Raven Queen, and the blade that killed Sena still in his chest. 
Drake takes the knife to Akira to see if she knows where this blade came from. Confronting Akira, she tells Drake that the knife was hers and was looked away. The only people that had visited her was Grarock and a man called Ivan. Drake then sets off to tell the others. Kairon and Corin, find Grarock eating in the mess hall. confronting him, Grarock agrees to answer any question and come with them to the others. 
It is at this point Drake makes his way back to Adron and Bal. Sharing the information they have all gathered, Drake slips on the fox mask and finds a set of footprints leading off down the backstairs. They set off looking for where they lead. As they rush in to the Court of Air they find the footprints change and a unnatural fog starts to roll in. The foul smell of rotting flesh feels their nostrils. Out of the mist comes 8 flesh hungry zombies. With the aid of Bal's burning hands, Drakes quick blades and Adron's magic missle they hold of the zombies. 
Then out of nowhere this moving ball of complete darkness comes rushing into the fray. Kairon and Corin had arrived and go about aiding their alies in dispatching the final zombies. As the last of the zombies fall, they hear rushing footsteps and find themselves surrounded by the Candle Keep monks and the High Priest Astalon. Using sleight of hand Adron casts invisibility on Drake so he can slip away. The rest of them are taken away to the guest quarters. 
Drake meanwhile, after having a not so productive conversation with Adron, goes off to continue the tracking the footprints. He finds himself in a temple dedicated to many gods. As he walks around he hears a voice inside his head. The words of the Raven Queen play through his body as if they were his own. After searching and taking a raven feather in exchange for two gold pieces, Drake returns to his allies and tells them what he has found.
That night both Drake and Kairon have their dreams touched by unknown forces. The following morning they set off as a group again to the temple. After arriving they speak with a priest their dressed as a follower of the Raven Queen. After much questioning they find out that this elf is none other than Ivan. At which point Ivan releases a blast wave which knocks them all down. As they look up they see the ghostly figure before them, our adventurers are left wondering, who and what is Ivan? What is he planning? And where the FUCK IS HOSHI???

The Horde

We joined our adventurers, as Adron is set upon by the forces of the Horde. After the roits that killed many a Kolbolt the enemy are look to find the one to blame and Adron is in their crosshairs. seeing his new friend being taken to the main tent, Drake springs into action with the help of Balaren.
Making his way to the tent to free Adron, he finds him in a cage with none other than the monk they had set out to find. Freeing the two of them, they made there way back to the main camp to find that chaos has ensued. 
Flame lick the night sky, from the burning camp and the sound of rasping metal and arrows flying through the air. Reinforcements have come, Corin had not let them down. Giving the order to attack while atop his wolf pet, Corin readies his ice sling prepared to cover the escape of his allies.
In the Melee Kairon and Hoshi meet up with Balaren and then Drake and Adron carrying the close to death monk.
As they turn to make their escape, Kairon catches a glimpse of Langdedrosa. The half dragon that had striked him down in one to one combat. Only after meditating, and speaking with his God, has Kairon a new purpose. Asmodeus believes that there is a link between Langdedrosa and the cult worshipers (including his father) that killed his mother. Death, one way or the other, is coming.
Ripping himself away from his pray, Kairon calls the retreat and the band of adventurers escape from the burning camp, into the night.
On their return to the garrison, the question the monk, Leosin. It is during this, that they find out, the blade that Drake is searching for could well be the key to bringing back the horde queen Tiamat.
They group agree to travel back with Leosim to Candle Keep and 
see if any of the monks there can aid them in their quest to find and stop the dragon horde.
With the arrival at Candle keep, Drake unlocks his mask of fox's cunning, both he and Kairon try their luck at flirting with a beautiful half elf and fail. Leaving Kairon to inspect the vast array of weapons on display, looking for a new pact weapon. Balaron and Adron sign up for classes the following day, hoping they are not in with the younglings.
However as the group go to speak to the scholar about the blade, they find her room trashed and her cold dead body…..

Join us next time for more adventurers from 'The Guild'

Questions and Answers

The adventures regroup in the keep and Kairon nurses his wounds after being healed of the worse effects.  From further questioning of the captured cultist it is learnt that the Half Dragon they encountered was called Langdedrosa Cyanwrath.

The cultist confirmed it was Langdedrosa that led the assault on Greenest and he would of retreated back to the main camp.  But no amount of threats or intimidation would make the cultist reveal where this was.

The group retire to the one tavern that is left standing in Greenest to plan their next move.  While here they are approached by monk who is looking for aid, the monk discloses that his master had been captured by the Cult a number of days ago and was in need of rescue.    The group tentivity agree to investigate.  The next morning Hoshi visits the Keep and learns that the Mayor plans on sending what men he can spare to hunt down the Cults base.  At the insistence of Hoshi, Tarbaw agrees to put the guards under the Paladins command.

The group set out guided by rough hearsay from a number of sources.  On their hunt the group comes across a Cultist Camp.  Using some looted Cultist robes both Drake and Balaren make their way into the camp using the pretense that they had captured a bound Hoshi.  The three learn there is no love loss between the Kolbolds and the Cultists, and they are trying to bring Tiamat back to this plane of exsistance.

Balaren engineers a fight with the Kolbolds forcing the allies to attack each other.  Once the killing is over only the three adventurers remain.

Using his familiar Balaren was able to locate the Cults base, snuggled in a small valley to the north east.  Relaying this information the band traipse towards it and manages to avoid a trap for any unwary travellers.

Once at the camp, Balaren, Adron, Kairon, Drake and Hoshi don robes or pretend to be mercenaries to gain access.

The group manage to release some prisoners but get caught up in a fray, after Adron and Balaren tried to incite the Kolbolds to revolt.

Adron is led off towards the back of the camp while Balaren manages to slip away 





To Greenest!

The weary band of adventurers  continued north escorting the recently liberated Dwarf home.  As they crest the bend of the road, the group notices black smoke billowing from from the small town below them.

Moving cautiously forward the band could make out recent signs of battle.  A number of houses laid as smoking charred husks and others with walls collapsed.  The Dwarven companion lets loose a cry of despair and runs head long into town looking for his loved ones.

Having no such attachments the group cross the bridge to the south of the town and are immediately greeted by a roving band of Kolbolds.  In the brief battle they are dispatched without much effort, but a shrill horn call announces another band who are in pursuit of a number of towns folk.

Driven to protect the innocent Hoshi moved forward while the rest looked to flank the newcomers.  Again the battle was brief, the kolbolds offering no real challenge.  From the refugees it is learnt that any who have survived the initial assault are gathering at the keep.

It was at this point a roar could be heard overhead.  Looking up they could see a circling form of a winged dragon its blue scales glinting in the mid day sun.

The group moves on escorting the tired and wounded refugees to the towns keep.  It is here they meet the towns mayor, Tarbaw Nighthill who quickly pleads for help.  After deliberation the group agree to help what is left of the towns guard track down and help any townsfolk who are in trouble or looking to get to safetly.

After a skirmish down by the river the group manages to capture a human cultist who had been leading another pack of Kolbolds.  From him they learn this was a raid to capture wealth and prisoners to further progress the Cult of the Dragon.

Horn blasts from the keep draw the bands attention, just in time to see the blue Dragon descent on the keep and disappear into the court yard.  Rushing back they engage the Dragon in the vain hope that they could delay or wound it enough for another to bring down.

During the course of the battle they learn the Dragon's name 'Lennithon' but despite of the taunts and threats by Lennithon it quickly becomes apparent that he is merely toying with them and grew bored of the raid.  None of the group can stop Lennithon when he decides to take flight and leave.  Merely count their blessings that they had hurt the best and survived. 

But it was not over as dusk drew in shrill horn calls announced a new presence outside of the keep.  Climbing the walls the group stare out to a large number of Kolbolds herding frightened and scared townsfolk forward.  In front was a large muscular Blue Half Dragon who challenges the defenders

The Tiefling Warlock Kairon accepts his challenge and meets him outside the main gates in single combat.   The Half Dragon defeats Kairon leaving him unconscious.  Hoshi rushes to his side and heals the worse of the wounds.




The Goblin cave

We find our unlikely group just as they enter the cave of the goblins who attacked them on the road to candle keep.

As they explore the cave network, they found a trio of chained up wolves. After engaging with the wolves, 4 goblins attack from a ledge behind them.

Once the group have dealt with the goblins and wolves (befriending one in the process) the tiefling shouting 'I got this', runs down the tunnel chasing the last goblin. Only to find two more bigger wolves flanked by a couple of ugly snarling bugbears!

As a group starts to shows signs of working as a effective fighting unit the leave the bugbears as burning holes in the ground, they press on…

In the next room they come across the Lord of the cave and a chained up drawf.

The battle that follows sees one of the wizards fall to a well placed goblin arrow, and the drawf fight against his captures. With the goblins falling in turn and the goblin Lord taking its last breath, our adventurers finish for the day and look back on what they have done and what loot they have collected.

With the group coming together to overcome the trails and the forging of unlikely friendships, we look to the future of these adventurers and the next step in their journey together…

And It Begins
The story

Murran also known as the sailors city a bustling port in Amn, where Human, Dwarf and Elves rubbed shoulders with Half Orcs, Halflings and Gnomes.

Amidst this squalor our journey starts in a Taven located in the busy merchant quarter, the taven much like others was full of music, shouting and of course drinking. Each of our adventurers had found themselves with lodgings and were drinking, chatting, dicing or even wenching night away.

As the night drew close the patrons started to file away stumbling into the darkness beyond the door, it was at this point a half elf approached Adron Stormwind with some grave news.

As they spoke in hushed tones the last few patrons milled around in the bar area, one large red skinned male Tiefling made his way up stairs.

No sooner had he done so, the door of the Tavern flew open ignoring the protests of the staff members and hooded and cloaked figure strode in. The new comer glanced around the room and upon spying the hunched together figures of Adron and the Half Elf, the stranger let flew with a single dagger which embedded itself with unnerving accuracy in the Half Elfs throat killing him instantly.

As the now dead man slumped forward in to the arms of Adron, no one noticed the Human silently and quickly going through the body's pockets.

Commotion broke loose as the stranger turned to make good his escape only to find the door closed and barred by a Human by the name of Drake. This surprise did not last long as both he and Drake crashed to the floor as a magical wave of sleep overcame them.

After coming to, and finding himself bound by a group of confused but annoyed individual's the assassin gave little away before the lights flickered out plunging the tavern into darkness. A dark shape stormed past the group and the assassin let out a high pitched scream. As the extinguished torches enchantments sparked them back in to life, the scene of the male Tiefling holding the assassin's eye by its connecting tissue. Shortly afterwards he took his own life before the town guard turned up.

The those present agree to help Adron get to the bottom of why someone would want to kill the Half Elf, Drake reluctantly agrees after the tavern owner tells the Town Guard of his attempts to steal the nights take.

The Group journey northward and its on this road they find two dead horses no more than a few days dead. Cautiously approaching the scene and fearing a trap, they did not have to wait long when a small band of goblins break through the tree line next to Drake. A short skirmish ensues, and its not long before the band is dead in the undergrowth.

Led by the Paladin Hoshi and his friend Kyla a Cleric of TORM the group left the road and ventured to find the goblin lair…

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