Joseph Drake


Ac: 15 (Leather)
Movement: 30
STR: 10 (0)
DEX: 16 (3)
CON: 16 (3)
INT: 12 (1)
WIS: 13 (1)
CHR: 16 (3)

Lang: Common, Elvish

Weapons: Rapier, Short Sword, 2 x Daggers, 20 x Caltops, 2 x Hand Crossbows – 20 x Arrows.

Items: Burglars Pack, Thieves Tools, Whetstone, Mask of Foxes Cunning, Beginners Guide to Poison, 5 x Phials and poison ingredients.

Human (Variant) Chaotic Neutral

5ft 11", slight, brown hair, brown eyes, no distinguishing features (allows him to blend in)

Personality Traits: Noble, Brutally Honest and a Flirt (Loves the Ladies)

Ideals: Personal gain and Protect the weak.

Bonds: Cities and Criminal Network

Flaws: Kleptomaniac.

Features: Lucky, Sneak Attack, Thieves Cant, Cunning Action and Fast Hands.


Drake was the son of a minor noble from Neverwinter.
He was raised as a noble, thus receiving the training on: court politics, etiquette, military tactics, training with the rapier, duelling etc.
Not long after Drake turned 13 his parents were killed unexpectedly and his Uncle took over the estate.
He declared that Drake was illegitimate and therefore had no claim on his parent’s estate and titles.
Soon after this the entire Drake holding was sold off and the Uncle disappeared.
Drake was turned out and was forced to live on the street.
Being quick of hand and mind the young boy was brought into the fold of a local thieves guild.
Swearing vengeance against his Uncle, Drake worked his way up through the ranks of the guild learning all he could. He would endlessly search for any hint of his uncle when he had the time.
Drake grew in to an agile man, slight of build, he had the ability to blend into any crowd. Nobody could really remember his face as it was so generic.
Drake has recently heard that a mystic dagger was it linked to his Uncle. He will do everything he can to find this dagger and his Uncle and kill him.

Joseph Drake

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