Heads of the Dragon

And It Begins

The story

Murran also known as the sailors city a bustling port in Amn, where Human, Dwarf and Elves rubbed shoulders with Half Orcs, Halflings and Gnomes.

Amidst this squalor our journey starts in a Taven located in the busy merchant quarter, the taven much like others was full of music, shouting and of course drinking. Each of our adventurers had found themselves with lodgings and were drinking, chatting, dicing or even wenching night away.

As the night drew close the patrons started to file away stumbling into the darkness beyond the door, it was at this point a half elf approached Adron Stormwind with some grave news.

As they spoke in hushed tones the last few patrons milled around in the bar area, one large red skinned male Tiefling made his way up stairs.

No sooner had he done so, the door of the Tavern flew open ignoring the protests of the staff members and hooded and cloaked figure strode in. The new comer glanced around the room and upon spying the hunched together figures of Adron and the Half Elf, the stranger let flew with a single dagger which embedded itself with unnerving accuracy in the Half Elfs throat killing him instantly.

As the now dead man slumped forward in to the arms of Adron, no one noticed the Human silently and quickly going through the body's pockets.

Commotion broke loose as the stranger turned to make good his escape only to find the door closed and barred by a Human by the name of Drake. This surprise did not last long as both he and Drake crashed to the floor as a magical wave of sleep overcame them.

After coming to, and finding himself bound by a group of confused but annoyed individual's the assassin gave little away before the lights flickered out plunging the tavern into darkness. A dark shape stormed past the group and the assassin let out a high pitched scream. As the extinguished torches enchantments sparked them back in to life, the scene of the male Tiefling holding the assassin's eye by its connecting tissue. Shortly afterwards he took his own life before the town guard turned up.

The those present agree to help Adron get to the bottom of why someone would want to kill the Half Elf, Drake reluctantly agrees after the tavern owner tells the Town Guard of his attempts to steal the nights take.

The Group journey northward and its on this road they find two dead horses no more than a few days dead. Cautiously approaching the scene and fearing a trap, they did not have to wait long when a small band of goblins break through the tree line next to Drake. A short skirmish ensues, and its not long before the band is dead in the undergrowth.

Led by the Paladin Hoshi and his friend Kyla a Cleric of TORM the group left the road and ventured to find the goblin lair…



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