Heads of the Dragon

The Goblin cave

We find our unlikely group just as they enter the cave of the goblins who attacked them on the road to candle keep.

As they explore the cave network, they found a trio of chained up wolves. After engaging with the wolves, 4 goblins attack from a ledge behind them.

Once the group have dealt with the goblins and wolves (befriending one in the process) the tiefling shouting 'I got this', runs down the tunnel chasing the last goblin. Only to find two more bigger wolves flanked by a couple of ugly snarling bugbears!

As a group starts to shows signs of working as a effective fighting unit the leave the bugbears as burning holes in the ground, they press on…

In the next room they come across the Lord of the cave and a chained up drawf.

The battle that follows sees one of the wizards fall to a well placed goblin arrow, and the drawf fight against his captures. With the goblins falling in turn and the goblin Lord taking its last breath, our adventurers finish for the day and look back on what they have done and what loot they have collected.

With the group coming together to overcome the trails and the forging of unlikely friendships, we look to the future of these adventurers and the next step in their journey together…



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