Balaren Dragonstar

High Elf Wizard


Ac: 13
Movement: 30
STR: 7 (-2)
DEX: 16 (3)
CON: 13 (
INT: 20 (5)
WIS: 12 (
CHR: 11

Lang: Common, Elvish, Dwarvish, Orc, Draconic

Weapons: Quartstaff, Short Sword, Longbow (10 arrows)

High Elf (Moon, Teu-tel-quessir )

Age: 110

Titles (only known to Balaren or others from Keltormir): Lord of the Southern Wood, Defender of the Glades

Appearance: 6ft tall, pale skin, with an icy blue hue, long silvery white hair and blue eyes with golden flecks speckled through the iris


Flaws: Looking for revenge for the deaths of his family, has a hatred of Orcs

Traits: Willing to listen to others and weighs their opinions. but does what it takes to reach his goal(s)


Shrugging Balaren turned back to the fire is wild dance writhed and turned. Clearing his mind Balaren let go of all thought and sunk into the deep meditative trance that all Elven people could obtain. Sleeping was not something he wanted to as the dreams were waiting for him as they had been every night since his feet were set on his path.

He was back at Tavrobel and his father the Lord of the Southern Woods of The Wealdath stood before him “Son it is time you fulfil the familys oath much like I did before you and your ancestors before me, You are to travel to Myth Rhynn and begin your formal training in the arts of war, for if any thing happens to me it is your duty to serve and protect the Kingdom and its people”

That was almost 60 years ago, Balaren had spent much of his adolescence learning the way of the sword and spear. It had quickly become apparent that he had no aptitude to stand in the shield wall and fight close quarters, no his path was more arcane, the way of the magi.
Keltormir had once ruled a much larger area but the Crown Wars and tragedies had taken its toll until just the Wealdath remained and King Adorellan who could trace his lineage back to the founding of the Kingdom in -11700DR.

So Balarens days were the same training with the sword and bow as was required of his birthright and arcane matters due to his innate spark. It was just before his 110th Name Day that change came sweeping in, like thunder the hooves of the messenger’s horse crashed over the cobblestone roadways. A raid had occurred a large Orc tribe had migrated down from the Starspire Mountains burning and pillaging all before them.

Fearing the worse Balaren rushed home only to find the smoking ruins of his home and the charred remains of the townsfolk. Picking through the ruins he found the body of his father nailed to the towns heart tree.

The bloody remains of a once proud Teu-tel-quessir greeted him; the old elf had been brutally tortured his body showed deep wounds and purple welts were he had been repeatedly hit. His eyes had been plucked out leaving deep empty holes. On his chest was a crudely carved symbol of the Broken Tooth clan.

Swearing revenge for the dead, Balaren set of in pursuit, but it became quickly apparent that the clan had left the bows of the Wealdath.

Traveling back to Myth Rhynn, Balaren was granted a audience with the King. He was formally recognised by the crown as the new lord of the Southern Woods. He was then tasked to bring those responsible to Elven justice. A month after the attacks Balaren left Keltormir and travelled north.

The serenity of the trance crashed down around him as Balaren woke, his heart pounding but still yearning for answers and revenge….

Balaren Dragonstar

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