Kairon Mordia

Tiefling Warlock


AC 14
HP 27

Pact weapon

Saving throw wisdom and charisma

Movement 30


Kairon Mordia

I have been excommunicated from my house after my father remarried and had a son. My mother died when i was young during a ritural to the Old God Asmodeus, The Overlord of the Nine Hells.

After her death I started to pray to Asmodeus and at the age of 18 the mind of Asmodeus, or a part that I could comprehend was planted into my mind.

From then on I have followed the teachings of this God and work towards finding a higher plane of existence.

After many years of training, my mind was able to leave my body and walk in the Ethereal plane. It was here that Asmodeus told me that my mother didn’t die while praying to him, but was murdered by my father so he could marry his mistress.

From then i was sent on a mission for Asmodeus to seek out my Father killing any that we saw as a threat, removing one eye as to stop them finding there way in the next life and reporting to Baalzebul, enemy to Asmodeus and the one who my father’s mistress serves.

After years of searching and working with Asmodeus, I have come to know that the mind that inhabits mine is the good part of Asmodeus, the part from before hell fell from the Gods and became a fallen angel and Lord of Hell.

I can be seen talking to myself at time but it is in these moments that i talk with Asmodeus.

After being killed by Langdarosa, I was told by Asmodeus that I must take revenge as he may have link to my past.


I will listen to my god, without question.
I am suspicious of anyone not part of my own temple or adventuring party.

Growing up there was a young half elf, Zelfine. Who would pass through my family lands and every time we saw each other we would always court each other. However I left before we could take anything further.

Kairon Mordia

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