Heads of the Dragon

CSI Candle Keep

With the iron stench of blood flooding their noses, our company find the body of Sena. Closing off the area, they begin to investigate the murder scene. With Adron and Bal looking around the study, Kairon and Corin go off to check the sign in book. Finding the name of a half orc called Grarock, the last know person to see Sena alive, the two of them set off to find him with Leosim. Adron and Bal keep searching and find links to the Raven Queen, and the blade that killed Sena still in his chest. 
Drake takes the knife to Akira to see if she knows where this blade came from. Confronting Akira, she tells Drake that the knife was hers and was looked away. The only people that had visited her was Grarock and a man called Ivan. Drake then sets off to tell the others. Kairon and Corin, find Grarock eating in the mess hall. confronting him, Grarock agrees to answer any question and come with them to the others. 
It is at this point Drake makes his way back to Adron and Bal. Sharing the information they have all gathered, Drake slips on the fox mask and finds a set of footprints leading off down the backstairs. They set off looking for where they lead. As they rush in to the Court of Air they find the footprints change and a unnatural fog starts to roll in. The foul smell of rotting flesh feels their nostrils. Out of the mist comes 8 flesh hungry zombies. With the aid of Bal's burning hands, Drakes quick blades and Adron's magic missle they hold of the zombies. 
Then out of nowhere this moving ball of complete darkness comes rushing into the fray. Kairon and Corin had arrived and go about aiding their alies in dispatching the final zombies. As the last of the zombies fall, they hear rushing footsteps and find themselves surrounded by the Candle Keep monks and the High Priest Astalon. Using sleight of hand Adron casts invisibility on Drake so he can slip away. The rest of them are taken away to the guest quarters. 
Drake meanwhile, after having a not so productive conversation with Adron, goes off to continue the tracking the footprints. He finds himself in a temple dedicated to many gods. As he walks around he hears a voice inside his head. The words of the Raven Queen play through his body as if they were his own. After searching and taking a raven feather in exchange for two gold pieces, Drake returns to his allies and tells them what he has found.
That night both Drake and Kairon have their dreams touched by unknown forces. The following morning they set off as a group again to the temple. After arriving they speak with a priest their dressed as a follower of the Raven Queen. After much questioning they find out that this elf is none other than Ivan. At which point Ivan releases a blast wave which knocks them all down. As they look up they see the ghostly figure before them, our adventurers are left wondering, who and what is Ivan? What is he planning? And where the FUCK IS HOSHI???



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