Heads of the Dragon

Questions and Answers

The adventures regroup in the keep and Kairon nurses his wounds after being healed of the worse effects.  From further questioning of the captured cultist it is learnt that the Half Dragon they encountered was called Langdedrosa Cyanwrath.

The cultist confirmed it was Langdedrosa that led the assault on Greenest and he would of retreated back to the main camp.  But no amount of threats or intimidation would make the cultist reveal where this was.

The group retire to the one tavern that is left standing in Greenest to plan their next move.  While here they are approached by monk who is looking for aid, the monk discloses that his master had been captured by the Cult a number of days ago and was in need of rescue.    The group tentivity agree to investigate.  The next morning Hoshi visits the Keep and learns that the Mayor plans on sending what men he can spare to hunt down the Cults base.  At the insistence of Hoshi, Tarbaw agrees to put the guards under the Paladins command.

The group set out guided by rough hearsay from a number of sources.  On their hunt the group comes across a Cultist Camp.  Using some looted Cultist robes both Drake and Balaren make their way into the camp using the pretense that they had captured a bound Hoshi.  The three learn there is no love loss between the Kolbolds and the Cultists, and they are trying to bring Tiamat back to this plane of exsistance.

Balaren engineers a fight with the Kolbolds forcing the allies to attack each other.  Once the killing is over only the three adventurers remain.

Using his familiar Balaren was able to locate the Cults base, snuggled in a small valley to the north east.  Relaying this information the band traipse towards it and manages to avoid a trap for any unwary travellers.

Once at the camp, Balaren, Adron, Kairon, Drake and Hoshi don robes or pretend to be mercenaries to gain access.

The group manage to release some prisoners but get caught up in a fray, after Adron and Balaren tried to incite the Kolbolds to revolt.

Adron is led off towards the back of the camp while Balaren manages to slip away 







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