Heads of the Dragon

Temple Run

The day ended as it had begun, in one of the many taverns that populated Candle Keep for those weary travellers on their quests for knowledge.

Balaren stretched his legs out under the table and listened to the soft snore of Kairon who was face down on the table still clutching his empty tankard.

The party had started the day by following the lead that Drake had brought them and so had end up in a temple devoted to the major deities of Faerun.

They had found Ivan a elderly priest of the Raven Queen, who when challenged summoned two Spectres before vanishing.

Corin stepped forward unafraid of the ghostly apparitions and closed his eyes forming his spell in his mind before stretching his arm outwards towards his enemies and conjuring a field of spikes hoping to slow their ethereal movement.

Muttering under his breath Drake drew his rapier and dagger before stepping back to cover Balaren who was still dazed from the blast from Ivan. Thinking quickly Adron blasted the first Spectre with four magical Missiles the innate magic guided them into the selected target.

The spectre howled but continued on his approach gliding over the flagged stone surface and leaving a icy cold trail behind.

Reaching its intended victim it lashed out toward Kairon who managed to duck under its withered claws.

On the opposite side the other spectre had made it towards Drake who was not as fortunate, the spectre grasped hold of Drakes armour and started to feed off his life force. Coming to Balaren staggered forwards and past the locked figures of Drake and the Spectre. Bringing his hands together Balaren brought forth a torrent of flames engulfing the ethereal. Its high pitched scream echoed in the silence of the temple.

Using this opportunity Drake drove his rapier up and forward to where the creatures heart would of been. What ever had bound this poor soul to this realm broke and its form dissipated like morning mist on a summers day.

Hoshi who had followed the group burst through the door, taking a moment to take stock he dove into the fray. His holy symbol of TORM glowed with divine energy, Hoshi directed this towards Drake restoring some of his drained life force. The last spectre unleashed another wail before heading to Drake, almost like something or one had directed it to attack the one who had dispatched its partner.

Kairon using his warlock knowledge deals a deathly blow to the creature just before three darts whistle past and impact the spectre`s wavering form. Adorns magic getting the telling blow

Investigating the deserted temple the group find a secret entrance that lead downwards.

Balaren taking the time to cast alarm on the main doors just encase Ivan tried to escape via that route then goes and joins the others as they explore.

The vault was old the large wooden doors showed time had passed the wood was rotten and the hinges rusted and resisted Drakes efforts to open. Hoshi slinging his shield on to his back presses his should to the door which swings open surprising easily. This act took Drake by surprise and he crashes to the floor.

The next room appeared to be much like the many research rooms in the main keep. Books lined the walls and a raised dais occupied the back of the hall. Both Adron and Balaren make their way to investigate the many tomes while Drake searches for anything of worth.

Bored of waiting Kairon approached one of two doors testing it he finds it is locked and not waiting to speak to Drake, he blasts it from its hinges and proceeds down the dark corridor.

Hearing the blast and then noticing Kairon's missing form, Hoshi goes to investigate. Time passes and no sign of the either Hoshi or Kairon, Balaren and Adron go to find them. But not before Adron sets the book case on fire after discovering the foul necromantic knowledge contained within.

Kairon, Hoshi, Drake and Adron all enter the room which was at the end of the corridor only to be confronted by a low level fog out of this fog hands could just be seen. As they moved further into the room these hands grasp at their ankles trying to hold them in place.

Noticing a book on a plinth at the back of the room Adron tries to pick it up using Mage Hand. Suddenly the gnarled book flips open on its on accord, and a booming voice fills the room. "So a Stormwind has come again, thinking to challenge me?" the voice laughs a deep guttural laugh "I'll make you a deal Stormwind, a life for a life. Leave one of your pathetic friends here and I will let you live. If not die like your grandfather before you"

With that the book rises of the plinth and pages swirl out of it forming a large bestial form made out of paper. The book fiend tilts its head back and unleashes a roar, Adron, Drake and Hoshi feel their resolve weaken and the sense of fear creep into their hearts.

Balaren following the others into the room witnesses this monstrosity but his Elven nature allows him to shrug off its effect. One of the hands reach up and grabs his ankle locking I'm into place. Using a desperate gamble he conjures the burning hands looking to burn what ever assailed them below the mists away. He is greeted a popping sound and the smell of burnt flesh the hand holding his ankle retreats.

The fiend first turns to Hoshi and beats the Paladins shield aside before raking its claws across his armour, feeling the effects of Balarens attack the beast steps slightly back and hunches a fine black mist wisps out and strikes Kairon and Adron both hit the floor their eyes rolled into the back of their heads, for a brief moment those gathered see a spectral form of their two friends stand locked in a silent shout of pain.

Balaren and Drake working together manage to stabilize Kairon, with Drake's knowledge of everyone's items coming to the fore by finding Kairon's healing potion and pouring it down the Tieflings throat.

Hoshi's symbol blazed again as he summoned Adron's wounds to heal.

Working together the party manage to defeat the fiend but its parting words leave more questions. Escaping the burning crypt the group find themselves back at the tavern where the day all began….



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