Heads of the Dragon

The Horde

We joined our adventurers, as Adron is set upon by the forces of the Horde. After the roits that killed many a Kolbolt the enemy are look to find the one to blame and Adron is in their crosshairs. seeing his new friend being taken to the main tent, Drake springs into action with the help of Balaren.
Making his way to the tent to free Adron, he finds him in a cage with none other than the monk they had set out to find. Freeing the two of them, they made there way back to the main camp to find that chaos has ensued. 
Flame lick the night sky, from the burning camp and the sound of rasping metal and arrows flying through the air. Reinforcements have come, Corin had not let them down. Giving the order to attack while atop his wolf pet, Corin readies his ice sling prepared to cover the escape of his allies.
In the Melee Kairon and Hoshi meet up with Balaren and then Drake and Adron carrying the close to death monk.
As they turn to make their escape, Kairon catches a glimpse of Langdedrosa. The half dragon that had striked him down in one to one combat. Only after meditating, and speaking with his God, has Kairon a new purpose. Asmodeus believes that there is a link between Langdedrosa and the cult worshipers (including his father) that killed his mother. Death, one way or the other, is coming.
Ripping himself away from his pray, Kairon calls the retreat and the band of adventurers escape from the burning camp, into the night.
On their return to the garrison, the question the monk, Leosin. It is during this, that they find out, the blade that Drake is searching for could well be the key to bringing back the horde queen Tiamat.
They group agree to travel back with Leosim to Candle Keep and 
see if any of the monks there can aid them in their quest to find and stop the dragon horde.
With the arrival at Candle keep, Drake unlocks his mask of fox's cunning, both he and Kairon try their luck at flirting with a beautiful half elf and fail. Leaving Kairon to inspect the vast array of weapons on display, looking for a new pact weapon. Balaron and Adron sign up for classes the following day, hoping they are not in with the younglings.
However as the group go to speak to the scholar about the blade, they find her room trashed and her cold dead body…..

Join us next time for more adventurers from 'The Guild'



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