Heads of the Dragon

To Greenest!

The weary band of adventurers  continued north escorting the recently liberated Dwarf home.  As they crest the bend of the road, the group notices black smoke billowing from from the small town below them.

Moving cautiously forward the band could make out recent signs of battle.  A number of houses laid as smoking charred husks and others with walls collapsed.  The Dwarven companion lets loose a cry of despair and runs head long into town looking for his loved ones.

Having no such attachments the group cross the bridge to the south of the town and are immediately greeted by a roving band of Kolbolds.  In the brief battle they are dispatched without much effort, but a shrill horn call announces another band who are in pursuit of a number of towns folk.

Driven to protect the innocent Hoshi moved forward while the rest looked to flank the newcomers.  Again the battle was brief, the kolbolds offering no real challenge.  From the refugees it is learnt that any who have survived the initial assault are gathering at the keep.

It was at this point a roar could be heard overhead.  Looking up they could see a circling form of a winged dragon its blue scales glinting in the mid day sun.

The group moves on escorting the tired and wounded refugees to the towns keep.  It is here they meet the towns mayor, Tarbaw Nighthill who quickly pleads for help.  After deliberation the group agree to help what is left of the towns guard track down and help any townsfolk who are in trouble or looking to get to safetly.

After a skirmish down by the river the group manages to capture a human cultist who had been leading another pack of Kolbolds.  From him they learn this was a raid to capture wealth and prisoners to further progress the Cult of the Dragon.

Horn blasts from the keep draw the bands attention, just in time to see the blue Dragon descent on the keep and disappear into the court yard.  Rushing back they engage the Dragon in the vain hope that they could delay or wound it enough for another to bring down.

During the course of the battle they learn the Dragon's name 'Lennithon' but despite of the taunts and threats by Lennithon it quickly becomes apparent that he is merely toying with them and grew bored of the raid.  None of the group can stop Lennithon when he decides to take flight and leave.  Merely count their blessings that they had hurt the best and survived. 

But it was not over as dusk drew in shrill horn calls announced a new presence outside of the keep.  Climbing the walls the group stare out to a large number of Kolbolds herding frightened and scared townsfolk forward.  In front was a large muscular Blue Half Dragon who challenges the defenders

The Tiefling Warlock Kairon accepts his challenge and meets him outside the main gates in single combat.   The Half Dragon defeats Kairon leaving him unconscious.  Hoshi rushes to his side and heals the worse of the wounds.






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